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Luisa Walendy ist verantwortlich für das Online Marketing im INFORM DataLab.

Write! Gantt Release Webinar

Topic Our extension Write! Gantt supports you in the visualization and tracking of your projects. Timelines and dates of tasks, upcoming events and activities are visible and traceable at a glance. The extension also helps users to understand the relationship and dependencies between them. Write! Gantt displays entire projects in a single visualization by showing different tasks and events on the horizontal bars and time intervals on the vertical axis. Write! Gantt is an efficient solution for managers in all industries. In our free webinar, we will show [...]

Write! Gantt Release Webinar2020-10-28T08:33:49+01:00

Love-hate relationship with Excel and how to best overcome it

Excel is and remains a very popular planning tool. Microsoft claims that from 1996 to 2016 the number of users has increased from 30 million to more than 1.2 billion Office users. However, the tool is now - at least when it comes to complex planning - in disrepute for being highly error-prone and rigidly handled. Nevertheless, many companies are still finding it difficult to part with the software for good; one could speak of a love-hate relationship. An interplay of feelings. And this is exactly where the problem lies. [...]

Love-hate relationship with Excel and how to best overcome it2020-02-14T10:53:14+01:00
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