Use Cases

Here you will find concrete applications of our extensions at a glance.

The combination of Write! Edit and Write! Forms enables the creation of a CRM system integrated in Qlik Sense. Create sales cycles, track customer activities, create new customers and contacts or check your pipeline.

Enjoy complete flexibility to set sales targets top-down and collect bottom-up budgets. Integrating sales planning and performance management unleashes more agility and efficiency throughout the business.

Write! has been used to support algorithms that have tried to guess what certain columns in tables show. If the algorithm was correct, it was passed through a checkbox, if not, free text and dropdowns were used to make suggestions for improvement. This was then used to create mappings to train further algorithms.

Many customers such as Gabriel Chemie have users from many different divisions such as controlling, sales, marketing, supply chain, procurement, production and product management using Write! Plan. The main focus is on sales budgeting and forecasts for procurement, product management, sales and production. On the one hand, Write! is used by sales staff to enter comments on customers. On the other hand, the management uses the Qlik Sense extension to comment on figures in the monthly reports for a world wide sales budgeting.

Manage the timeline and schedules of your project with Write! Gantt by defining projects, tasks and milestones. With the individual color logic, you can highlight groups of interest as outlined by your unique business logic. Define links between items to set dependencies. Edit, Delete or Add objects directly in Write! Gantt to create the interactive project planning tool in Qlik that fits all your needs.

Creating approval processes is an important topic for many Qlik Sense users. Our demo and many customer projects show how easy it is to implement such approval workflows in Qlik Sense.

Deloitte Belgium uses Write! to create a pipeline within Qlik Sense. All opportunities of Deloitte offices across many companies can be tracked in one tool. This
Dashboard allows a great overview of all big Opps.

Write! enables you to enter figures  directly in Qlik. As our goal is to always develop features in an abstract way, we give you the possibility to use Write! with any use case. For example, you could do an employee resource planning with Write! Plan. Imagine a hierarchy of your organizational structure (like teams). Every team
has its own capacity – for example measured by working hours per day. You can easily enter the available times per team per week, giving you a perfect overview
of every team ´s capacity for new projects.

Thanks to our global input field it is possible to change an unlimited number of values at once. Many customers use this function for data cleansing purposes.

A manufacturer of veterinary medicinal products uses Write! Edit for its field service activities. Every account manager uses a Qlik Sense app with integrated Write! functionalities when visiting veterinary practices. With that app they are able to select the customer and enter a sales target, after the target has been defined together with the vet practice. After that a target-related discount is calculated automatically. Once the target has been submitted, the sales manager is able to approve it and gets a great overview of all the practice’s targets and the responsible account managers.

Thanks to our extension, supplier evaluations can be integrated into Qlik Sense. ABC analyses can now also be implemented in Qlik Sense. The responsible buyer can evaluate his suppliers live in Qlik Sense and use the existing visualizations to present the results.

No more messing around by manually managing the Section Access rules in INLINE-Scripts within Qlik applications or external Excel-files and deploying those rules manually by complex tasks. Make use of our Write! extensions to create new and manage existing Section Access rules directly in Qlik. The rules are stored in a database, which you can access from any Qlik app. With our option to trigger reload tasks from QMC after changing data, it is easy to deploy the rules automatically in real time.

Large teams of marketing professionals use our planning solution to move from an Excel-based planning to a solution that is fully integrated into Qlik Sense.

„Our use case is that every month a team, that leads major strategic projects, gets together to quickly review the status of those projects. I have built them a Qlik Sense dashboard to facilitate that meeting that mostly includes technical, financial, timeline, and risk information. Now they want to enhance it further by giving them the ability to see what the last entered status is and then update it, based on the new information in the dashboard and what was discussed in the field. Previously they had to do these updates in a huge Excel spreadsheet.“ (Bardess)

Links between projects, tasks and milestones can be used to define project structural dependencies. For example, links can define which task needs to start at what time or they can trigger a task when a milestone is completed. With links, you can set and define what happens when.

Keep track of your project’s status by highlighting various tasks with colors depending on the current task progress or your specific business logic.

Track projects, tasks and milestones to visualize where you and your team stand in terms of progress towards project completion.  As you interact with and move objects on the chart, all dependencies are rescheduled automatically and immediately.

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