Write! Gantt

Write! Gantt illustrates the project schedule and helps the user to visualize the timelines and deadlines of tasks, upcoming events and activities. It helps the user to understand the relationship and dependencies between them as well. Write! Gantt displays whole projects in a single visualization by displaying various tasks and events on the horizontal bars, and time intervals on the vertical axis. It‘s an excellent solution for managers of all industries.


  • Ability to view, edit and add projects, tasks, milestones and links
  • Full interactivity support
  • Range and zoom control
  • Styling control over projects, tasks, milestones and links (reference lines)
  • Ability to add reference lines
  • Ability to link tasks
  • Custom periods
  • Custom milestones
  • Show holidays & weekends


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Look at what our friends from @Qlik_ITA have built! Working on an actual customer use case they´ve built an app combining #QlikSense, Write! and Qlik Alerting. Looks native, feels native, works brilliantly.

Thanks for sharing!

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