Write! Plan

To get the most out of your planning, the Qlik extension Write! Plan allows individual interaction of data analytics and integrated planning in Qlik Sense.

With Write! Plan, you can quickly and conveniently plan at various levels in detail, perform quick top-down and bottom-up planning and carry out your planning processes based on real historical data. Write! Plan is a simple input option for planning data that contains complex planning functions. The high level of user-friendliness and intuitive operation enables enormous time savings in the manual consolidation of planning data and in the daily work.

Application areas

The editing and planning functions not only serve simple adjustments in Qlik, but also enable fast, strategic decisions in real time. Due to the simple handling, the extension can be used across departments. Possible fields of application are:

• Cost and revenue planning
• Budget planning and forecasting
• Sales planning and control
• CRM extension
• Project planning
• Marketing controlling

“Mit Qlik Sense in Kombination mit Schreiben! Plan haben wir eine einheitliche Plattform geschaffen, auf der alle relevanten Daten aus beliebigen Quellsystemen für die Erstellung von Analysen, Berichten, Budgets und Prognosen zentral bereitgestellt, ausgewertet und
kann kommentiert werden”.

Alexandra Eckelhart, Corporate Controller,
GABRIEL-CHEMIE Gesellschaft m.b.H.


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Social Media

Look at what our friends from @Qlik_ITA have built! Working on an actual customer use case they´ve built an app combining #QlikSense, Write! and Qlik Alerting. Looks native, feels native, works brilliantly.

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